Friday, January 16, 2015

To avoid divorce, stay away from "professional listeners"

Let's take a mental break today.

Someone combed through the U.S. Census data and used information from the American Community Survey to determine which professions had the highest marriage and divorce rates.

It turns out that these days health professionals (dentists, optometrists, physicians) are the most likely to be enjoying wedded bliss (while hopefully also enjoying successful careers).

On the flip side, those who listen to people complain all day (bartenders, social workers, therapists) have some of the highest divorce rates.

I'm not saying you should break up with your postal clerk fiance to seek out a long future of family meals with a farm product buyer. But in a time where more and more people are delaying marriage, it is interesting to see who young people are settling for.

Is your profession listed on the most likely to be divorced or married list? Tell me why it deserves/doesn't deserve to be there in the comments.

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