Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More kids equals more stuff done at work

Parents develop skill sets that no one talks about. In addition to awesome time management and the ability to function on a lack of sleep, we also have the ability to make up songs on the fly, invent games to distract children while waiting in line and even build super-cool forts out of pillows and blankets.

And these skills translate well into the office environment. (Not the fort-building, necessarily...let's just file that skill under "creative thinking.")

Turns out there is research to promote that line of thinking: A study of 10,000 highly skilled economists, suggests that parents with multiple children are more productive at work. But the key to understanding the study is to realize that it spans decades.

When workers first become parents, their productivity drops. Lack of sleep, wanting to be home with their little ones and taking time off for doctor's appointments and other childcare needs, can cut into the working day. But, as children get older - into their tweens - parents' productivity levels increase. 

Of course, this study has its flaws - the research was based on one group of employed people and didn't track those who had left their careers to become full-time parents. But overall the results are encouraging.

So, when I get into the office tomorrow, I plan on turning my cube into an awesome fort.

Have you noticed your productivity increase as your children age? Tell me how in the comments.


  1. Since I became a stay-at-home mom instead of returning to work, I can't speak to an increase of productivity on the job. However, I've found that my productivity with my blog and other various projects has increased, simply because I've had to learn how to use my time effectively. I can also say that since becoming a mother my confidence has increased (probably due to the fact that I now see myself as more of an adult!) and I'm sure that would translate into better performance in the workplace as well.

    1. Hi, Brandyn! It's amazing what moms can achieve in an hour, a half-hour or even a 10-minute span! Thanks for sharing!