Monday, September 29, 2014

Who are you talking to?

There are certain things all parents get used to: Lack of privacy, interrupted sleep, toys underfoot and (at least in our household) excessive talking.

I've become quite used to my son talking to himself. I will stand in the doorway to the family room and eavesdrop on entire conversations he is having with his toys. Or I will silently giggle as he hosts his own talent show in the bathroom mirror. And I definitely get a fluttery feeling when I hear him telling his stuffed monkey a bedtime story. I am used to hearing his voice carry throughout the house. He reminds me of those people having a loud phone conversation in public. Those people trip me up, because it still takes me a minute to spot the earbud and realize the person is not talking to me. It's the same with my son: He is talking, but not always to me.

But listening to my son all day has made me think about who I'm really talking to with this blog.

Turns out, it's lots of people:
  • My Mom. This may seem obvious given the title of this blog, but I know she reads my entries (just as I read hers). I love it when she texts me her thoughts on the subject of the day. 
  • My husband. He has a love/hate relationship with my blogs. He likes the content and that creating my blogs makes me happy, but he doesn't like the time I spend on them away from him.
  • Friends and coworkers. And oddly, not just mine, but my Mom's coworkers, too. (Hi!) I really enjoy seeing comments from friends, especially ones I haven't talked to in a while.
Mostly though, I'd like to believe that I am talking to other parents like me. The ones who are just trying to figure out this parenting thing as we go along. So when I link up on sites like Mom Blogger's Club or BlogHer, I feel more connected. (Let's face it: Nobody wants to go through parenting alone.)

Besides, it's good to know your audience, because talking to people is getting more complicated these days. 

Who would you want to talk to more often? Share with me in the comments.

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