Tuesday, December 31, 2013

100 Posts - Just checking in before the year checks out

So, today I've reached my 100th post on this blog. Not too bad for a hobby I only started in late July. Instead of my usual ramblings about the latest news parents could use, I thought I would take this opportunity (right before the new year) to check in:

Everybody ready? (This could be bumpy.)
  • My current 100 challenge is to try out 100 recipes. I am semi on-track. I have been gathering lots of new meals to try, I just have to figure out when to make them. If anyone has a great recipe to share with me, please do so at any time in the comments.
  • Am I still running? Off and on. This one gets tricky when it is cold, so I need to rededicate my efforts. And in 2014, I am going to make myself more accountable to my family. (When I am accountable to others, I am more likely to do something.) I also finally have the desire to participate in some walks and runs next year, and I plan to use lots of guilt to drag them along with me.
  • Do I still love peanut butter? Absolutely.
  • Getting better at handing my phone to my son. Nope. I still hand him my phone too often, but I think we are both happy for the distraction while waiting for a table in restaurants.
  • Paying attention to the world news. I try, but sometimes it is depressing. And I still don't really pay attention to politics, because that drives me crazy.
  • My driving mantra. Sometimes I say it and sometimes I don't. My son asked me to stop for a while, because he was tired of the repetition, but I repeat it every now and then to remind us both.
  • Playing the Mom Appreciation Game. I still do this all the time.
  • Have I won at The Oregon Trail game yet? Nope.
  • Standing up for myself so I don't die. I am happy to say that I stand up while I eat lunch four times a week as well.
  • New math for fast food. Yes, I am doing a bit better at factoring my son into the equation.
  • Having tough conversations with my parents. I've actually made some headway on this and it was easier than I thought it would be. My Mom was more than ready to discuss it with me. (Thanks, Mom!)
  • My podcast is still hopping regularly (you can subscribe on the site link or through the iTunes Store by searching for "Stories for Grown-ups), and it now also features lots of writing contests.
And finally: this blog. I plan on still posting regularly. But I may cut out some Thursdays, because just like Arthur Dent, I never could get the hang of Thursdays (if you get that reference let me know and we can be BFFs.) 

All caught up? Great. Bring on the new year! And tell me in the comments what you want to remember best about 2013.

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