Friday, October 11, 2013

Women are smart: We need more of them as scientists

I'm getting my niece a chemistry set. 

Well, not now. She's still little. But when she is old enough, I plan on getting her a chemistry set and then help her create small explosions. (I have a feeling we'll be doing this at my house and not at my brother's.)

Although I made good grades in science and math, I was never really into it. And, I remember thinking that there weren't many good science and math role models while I was growing up. (Everyone always pointed to poor Marie Curie, who died of radiation poisoning - which doesn't really inspire anyone to take up science.)

But, this latest study about the shortage of women in science and technology jobs makes me think that I need to be a better advocate for my niece. Why do we still have gender barriers in this day and age?

So, I am going to do more activities based on science, technology and math. I'm doing it for my niece who needs to know these subjects are viable for women. I'm doing it for my son who needs to learn as much about the world as possible. And, I'm doing it for me, so I can rediscover some knowledge that I must have lost along the way.

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