Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Raising a leader starts at home

I was a shy child. I remember when my mom took me to a birthday party for a friend of mine, and I sat in the corner by myself for the entire party and wouldn't participate in any activities (sorry, Mom). Somewhere along my life's journey I got over my shyness, and now I have no problem getting up in front of people (even strangers) and giving speeches or talking with people I don't know at parties. After thinking about it, I believe this is because my Mom kept giving me opportunities to get over my shyness.

This has me thinking: What opportunities should I create for my son to help him with his fears? And after reading this University of Nebraska-Lincoln study on leadership, I have an idea on where I want to start. The study links participation in community service to being a future leader, and that is the type of confidence I want my son to enjoy. He is still young, but I think we can find some volunteering opportunities in our community to start having the conversation with him early and often.

What fears did you have trouble overcoming as a child? What qualities do you want to help instill in your children and how do you plan on putting them in action?

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