Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where are all the pictures of the second (or third) child?

I've heard from my friends who have several older siblings that there aren't too many pictures of them as children. And there are very few shots of them in which they are the only subject (those awful school photos aside). One friend showed me her baby book - there were only three pages filled out. (She was the third child.)

And I have memories of going through our family albums, pointing out that there were more pictures of my older brother than me in the photo album for the year of my birth (sorry, Mom, but seriously, the count was in his favor).

So, we all know this: The second and third child don't get as many photos taken of them. And someone decided to prove it with this recent U.K. study.

But I wonder if this trend needs to continue. When I was little and my mom was busy snapping photos of her adorable children, all the pictures were on film. Film took work to get developed. Now that we all have access to digital photos, we should all be taking more pictures of our loved ones. And it shouldn't matter if they are our first born or our fourth born. Snap away, Moms.

(At the very least, try for that daily picture.)

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