Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Can you help me with my homework?

Image by Hash Milhan.
My son is still a toddler and he has homework at school. I love his little projects: Build a beanstalk during Jack and the Beanstalk week, create a special family heart, dress like a favorite storybook character, share something that starts with the letter "N." I happily help him build, create and cut up construction paper. It's all good. 

But as he gets older, I worry about how much help I'll be with his homework. Especially after reading that 49.1 percent of parents admit they struggle to help kids with their homework. Yes, it is a small study by the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) and Google, but it's good to be prepared. I, for one, think I could have used more help with my spelling homework when I was younger (I love spell check.)

So, how will we be able to help our children with their school assignments? I like learning new things, but when I discover that the things I used to know were taught incorrectly, it worries me.

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