Friday, January 4, 2019

A new year means new lists

It is not a secret that I like making lists. This is doubly so at the start of a new year. It may feel like an arbitrary date to some, but for me a new year feels like a good point to start something new. So, I make lists: Lists of what I want to do over the year or major goals to accomplish or things that I learned from this holiday that I want to remember next time.

It also means that I read a lot of lists (because all good list makers know that sometimes your best list items come from other peoples' lists). I tend to read very positive lists, like this one on how to make your family life more harmonious throughout the year.

Does this mean that we will have a perfectly harmonious year? No. Does it mean that I'll hit all my goals? Of course not. Am I going to try to incorporate some of these tips for a better connected family life anyway? Yup! At the very least, I learn a lot along the way and maybe my family will have some fun, too.

And I think that is why I like lists so much: They are aspirational, they can be achievable, and it feels great to knock something off them.

What type of new changes are you incorporating into your life in the new year? Tell me in the comments.

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