Latest Apologies

Mom, I am really sorry that I ever called your clothing choices "frumpy." I see now that pockets are incredibly important.

Mom, I am sorry that I mocked your penchant for putting me in bonnets. You are right, they are just "little girl hats" and you are probably the reason why I like to wear hats today.

Mom, I am sorry for publicly addressing stuff on this blog. I should probably just call you.

Mom, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my boyfriend until we were about to move in together. (In my defense, you love your son-in-law now, right?)

Mom, I am sorry I fought with my brother all the time. I didn't realize until I was much older that it was easier to let it all go.

Mom, I am sorry about the length of time you were in labor with me. (I don't know what was taking me so long.)

Mom, I realize now that it was wrong of me to fight my natural hair type. I've accepted straight and thin. And I'm sorry about all those perms.

Mom, I'm sorry I don't come home for Thanksgiving. I give you Christmas. And Easter. And you can have Arbor Day, too.

Mom, I'm sorry, but I still think you can't cut hair very well. (I love you anyway.)

Mom, I'm sorry I found out you were the tooth fairy while snooping in your room. Also - you had a box of baby teeth in your drawer - ewww! 

Mom, I'm sorry I raided your closet without asking you.

Mom, I'm sorry I completely undersold Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie to you and didn't prepare you for the death of Cedric Diggory adequately.

Mom, I'm sorry I never seem to know what I want for Christmas or my birthday. I like shoes. Does that help?

Mom, I'm sorry for every night you lost sleep over me. 

You were right, Mom: Thanks for raising me so well.

Mom, I'm sorry, but no, you cannot steal my cat.

Mom, I'm sorry for all those pictures you have of me that feature my hand in front of my face. In my defense, I seriously didn't want my picture taken. 

Mom, I'm sorry I bothered you at work with stuff that wasn't important.

Mom, I am really sorry for all those last-minute science fair projects I dragged you into helping me with. 

Mom, I'm sorry that my "momdar" goes on the fritz and I occasionally forget to call you.

Mom, I'm sorry I had that awful accident at bike camp. I'm sure that scared you a lot. (I was scared, too.) 

Mom, I'm sorry I didn't want to date that guy you set me up with in high school. Also: that was a bit weird.

Mom, I'm sorry I don't share big news with you right away. Sometimes I just consider it life stuff and forget to fill you in. 

Mom, I'm sorry we don't celebrate Jane Austen more together. Want to watch Pride & Prejudice with me? Come on...I know you have six hours to spare.

Mom, I'm sorry for that time I ate all those Oreos and got sick in your bed. Surprisingly, I still love Oreos. 

Mom, I'm sorry I wasn't big into proms, formals, dances or other opportunities where you could embarrass me in front of a date.

Mom, can I just give you a blanket apology for everything mean I said to you from the ages of 14 through 18?