Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The traits we model at home

I am trying to remember not to nag.

It's hard when the morning routines start earlier than they used to, and my son is moving slower than he should be. It's hard when I have a dozen things on my mind, but there's not a pad of paper near me to get them written down. It's hard when I know I should be focused on the positives.

So, I have to start the next day with better intentions. I need to start the day and look for the good things my son is doing (to praise him when I see it) and to model the behavior that I want him to eventually have. That means kindness. That means admitting my mistakes. That means not nagging.

Sometimes it's hard to be the grown-up in the room.

My one solace is that research claims it works (eventually): Our children learn to adopt the behaviors they see in their parents. That's a lot of pressure if you've had a long day at work and are a little snappish, but the good news is that we have lots of chances to get it right.

Of course, I am not perfect. And I tell my son that. I am finding it easier to work on one behavior at a time, instead of trying to figure out them all at once. I'm starting with not nagging in the mornings and trying to inject more kindness into the beginning of the day.

We'll see how it goes.

What behaviors are you working on for your children to learn from you? Tell me in the comments. 

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